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    2. Company ProfileHonorsEquipment
      Recruitment positionBenefitsApplication process


      1. Working hours: 8-hour double-rest system, paid annual leave;

      2. Salary and welfare: basic salary + performance salary + year-end bonus + high temperature subsidy + meal supplement + nutrition subsidy + five insurances and one housing fund + holiday benefits + birthday benefits + travel benefits + union benefits + irregular activities + accommodation + annual physical examination + Title subsidy

      1) The company provides accommodation (2 people room, equipped with air-conditioning and water heater, 15 minutes away from the company).

      2) The company's self-operated canteen, non-accommodation staff above the level of staff provide monthly transportation subsidies or shuttle services.

      3) The company pays social security and provident fund uniformly (provided fund is paid in accordance with company rules and regulations).

      4) The company will uniformly issue condolences or coupons on specific holidays.

      5) Enjoy high temperature subsidies in June, July, August and September each year.

      6) Those who join the company in the current year can enjoy annual travel benefits and annual physical examination benefits the following year.

      Address: JingLong Industrial Park, Tongliang, Chongqing, China                   Postcode: 402560

      Sales Tel: +86-23-45436841, +86-21-54681666                               Fax: +86-23-45436405

      E-mail: bgs@succeway.com(Sales)                                  Website: http://www.swansofoakham.com

      Copyright(C)2020, Chongqing Succeway Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Supported by ChemNet ChinaChemNet Toocle Copyright Notice
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